This version of Lorenz begins to address some of the issues that present using it within Nocturne - which is largely driving the functionality I desire for 1.0.0.


  • The API has been split from the implementation
  • The parser classes have been renamed: *Parser -> *Processor, .parser. -> .reader.
  • The two variants of SRG are now supported: CSRG and TSRG

Migrating from 0.1.0

Despite the far-reaching internal changes, migrating from 0.1.0 is a rather simple procedure.

  • Model classes can no longer be constructed manually, instead the createMapping methods should be used. To create a MappingSet, MappingSet.create() should be used
  • The reader class imports will need to be changes, to use the new package name and class names mentioned above

Lorenz is available through Maven Central.