Lorenz 0.5.3 includes yet-another set of bug-fixes:

  • manifests without a Main-Class attribute

  • larger than BufferedWriters buffer to be written (thanks to @phase for this bug-fix)

  • and Enigma)

Support for yet-another SRG variant, XSRG, has also been introduced with this release - the format is the same as the SRG format, though has field types (Lorenz/GH-33).

Thanks to @phase and @DemonWav for their contributions towards this release.


Registry has been expanded to expose more of the underlying Map’s data:

  • Registry#keys(), returning a Set of Strings which correspond to the identifier of registered values.
  • Registry#entries(), returning a Set of Map.Entrys.

Improved Mapping Merging

Mapping Merging, introduced with Lorenz 0.5.0, has always been a fairly lacklustre implementation - dropping mappings present on the b mapping set, if there wasn’t a mapping in the a mapping set.

Thanks to @DemonWav, that has now been resolved (see Lorenz/GH-36).